Finally, one place to see the results of every canvass, phonebook and digital response matched back to each voter and aggregated into your most important segments. Import your data from VAN for analysis.

No more flying blind: VoterHub’s datasets are updated at least once a day. Close the feedback loop and ensure your campaign is converting your voters. 

A full picture of your electorate

• VoterHub includes past election results by precinct (live in Illinois, adding new jurisdictions every month)

• VoterHub includes unregistered citizens, so clients can run targeted registration drives

Data around your campaign needs

• Voterhub allows you to query and sort by more than 50 different categories of data

• VoterHub gives your campaign complete control of all campaign-generated data (IDs, surveys, canvasses, etc); you determine if and when to share your data

Modern software that works for you

• VoterHub’s API and import tools allow you to integrate whatever voter contact products work for you

• VoterHub lets you create a unique targeting strategy for your campaign; then our analytics dashboards let you know how you’re doing

We believe Democratic campaigns deserve top-notch customer service and modern software built around their needs. That’s why we launchd the VoterHub. We call it the VoterHub because any source of campaign activity or data — door knocks, phone banks, lists of likely supporters, previous absentee voters, social media followers — can be imported into the VoterHub for clean and actionable tracking and analysis to see whether you are on path to hit your win number. We play well with other applications (a growing number of which are directly integrated into the VoterHub’s API).


Does the VoterHub replace VAN?

No, but it can. If you don’t have the VAN and need a voterfile, you can use the VoterHub as a stand-alone product with both data and software to use it, but we work as a supplement (not just a substitute) to the VAN. You can export all your data from VAN and then import it into the VoterHub for our analytics and for comparisons to previous election results by precinct to get the best of both worlds, especially if you’ve been using VAN for months. I

Can I just access the precinct election results for my state?

Yes. We offer access to state election results by precinct separately from the voterfile management features of the full VoterHub.

What states are you live in today?

We are live in 21 states and the District of Columbia: California, Connecticut, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia, Vermont, Wisconsin and West Virginia. Of those we have election results loaded in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana. With four business days, we can load any other state. 

Who else sees my data?

Nobody. All of your supporters remain your property and it isn’t pooled or shared with any other entity or campaign. If you’d like to share your data, you are welcome to do so (you can export all of it if you’d like), but that’s your decision, not ours.