Our Story

VoterHub was founded in late 2016 by Dan Johnson (CEO) and Tom Adkins (CTO) with a simple goal in mind: to build software tools that help Democrats win elections.

In early 2017, we launched CampaignFiler, a fundraising and compliance product serving Federal and Illinois campaigns. CampaignFiler handles campaign transactions from form-to-filing: it’s a one-stop-shop that hosts an online donation form, records a ledger of transactions, and files compliance reports.

We will soon launch VoterHub, an analytics-driven voterfile that gives Democratic campaigns, labor unions and related organizations unparalleled insight into their electorate and voter contact efforts.

Our Principles

Our work serving Democratic and progressive campaigns, labor unions and related organizations is guided by our core principles:

  • Great campaign software is essential to winning campaigns. Democratic Party campaigns and organizations need to use the best available products and consistently innovate to regain and maintain a technological advantage over the GOP. The consequences to our country and the world from Republican control of our government are too great to tolerate mediocre tools.
  • Campaigns and organizations deserve exceptional customer service, and we can build better software by listening to what our customers want.
  • Collaboration between software vendors is crucial to the success of our party, and progressive politics. We will use APIs and other tools to make it as easy as possible to move data in and out of our products.
  • Organizing matters — and works. Our products seek to increase the efficacy of grassroots campaigning and person-to-person contact as a means of building strong organizations, addressing the crisis of voter alienation, and winning campaigns.

Social justice compels us to do everything in our power to bring back control of our governments, to expand rights, to create a more just and equal economy for our country, and to end our national crisis of voter apathy and alienation.

That’s why we work here. That’s why we build these tools. And that’s why we want to work with you: the dedicated candidates and campaign managers working to earn the support of regular Americans every day. Your needs come first. We’re here to help.

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Who We Are

Dan Johnson, CEO

Dan Johnson is a co-founder and CEO of VoterHub. Dan is a long-time progressive lobbyist in Illinois, and currently serves on the Wilmette Library Board..He has worked on dozens of Democratic campaigns and was a delegate to the DNC in 2016. He earned his BA from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and his JD from the University of Chicago where two of his professors were Abner Mikva and Barack Obama. Dan is married with four children.

Tom Adkins, CTO

Tom Adkins is a co-founder and the CTO of VoterHub. Prior to founding VoterHub, Tom ran Open Organize, a technology consulting and custom development firm serving progressive clients in the labor and environmental movements, and educational, governmental, and non-profit sectors. Tom has also worked in a variety of capacities on Democratic campaigns and for progressive elections protection and voter registration organizations.

Michelle Collins, Data Engineer

Michelle Collins has worked with manufacturers, marketing agencies, and non-profits on data matching, cleansing, analytics, and campaign tracking projects. Projects include ongoing campaign management for numerous manufacturers’ catalog programs, data matching and cleansing for corporate and non-profit clients, building a campaign management system to track customer communications and measure results against marketing efforts, and developing modeling and analytics for programs to improve ROI. In her 15 years of experience in working with a wide range of datasets, she’s encountered – and solved – data challenges of all shapes and sizes.