Access all federal and state election results by precinct and aggregate them up to any municipality or district.

The absolute best way to understand the electorate is to understand how they voted. This data is all public but is surprisingly difficult to access and understand.

We are in the process of normalizing all election data from every state and allowing users to access it with our intuitive software. Several states are available now.

Is there a particular state and election you’re interested in? Contact us! We like special projects.

Here is an example: IL-06 currently held by Peter Roskam (R) and challenged by Sean Casten (D). Hillary won this district so many immediately believe this is a top tier pick-up opportunity for Democrats. However, in the November 2016 election, every other Democratic candidate lost, some by large margins.

Gen 16 election results IL06
IL-06 election results 2016

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We added up all the contested races in the Summary Metrics to calculate the district as -11: a 53%-42% Republican district in November 2016. That’s a lot more insightful than just going off the presidential results.

We offer this instant analysis for every district in every state in our database.

You can also select any precinct in any district you’d like. Here is an example of a state representative district with the first few precincts displayed. (You can do the same for municipalities or counties).

An Illinois state representative district’s election results with a few precincts displayed

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Price: $999 per state for one year of access. Multi-state discounts available.