We are honored and excited to work with some of the best companies in the country.

Our open API is built to cultivate the innovation stack of new apps to help Democrats and progressives win elections. If you’ve got a new app and would like to build off our API, contact us.

Current partners

Data: Voter contact information and enhanced consumer information


Our national data provider is L2, one of the nation’s top political data firms. Their reputation for up-to-date contact information including cell phones and landlines if available for every voter and the enhanced consumer data, including more than 20 languages, 30 ethnic groups, likely children in the household, latitudes and longitudes for every household, likely status as a veteran, business owner and union member give our clients powerful insights. We are very proud to serve as the Democratic/progressive front-end for L2 data and all of their powerful tools including an automatic walk-sheet sort with the shortest possible path (either zig-zagging across the street or up the odds and down the even addresses). All this data in included standard for all VoterHub clients.

We offer additional L2 services, including email matches for all voters and LiveRamp integration for additional charges.

Voter behavior modeling


HaystaqDNA is our partner for providing national models of voter behavior for clients. Included in every VoterHub standard package are four models: Democratic approval score, Trump approval score (not exactly the inverse), labor union support score and voter turnout percentile. HaystaqDNA worked for Obama 08 and Bernie 16. VoterHub clients can create voter segments using these models — 80% Democratic support or top 20% of the electorate likely to vote — like any other feature in the dataset. Clients have access to 50 additional models for an additional charge and can work directly with HaystaqDNA to order a custom model for their state on their particular issues.

Additional models available that rank every voter on a 1-100 score on their likelihood to support or care about an issue or participate in an activity: Activist, Autonomous Cars, Civic infrastructure, Consumer value, Income Inequality, Infrastructure funding, Internet privacy, Mail readership, Medicare-for-all, Moviegoing, Opiod crisis, Affordable housing, Government bailouts, Black Lives Matter, Casinos, Abortion, Church Attendance, Citizens United, Pathway to citizenship, Civil liberties, Common Core, Death penalty, Ballot dropoff, Drug prices limit, Ease of voting, Climate Change, Energy renewable v fossil, Fracking, Environment, GMO labeling, Gun control, Humanitarian intervention, Hunting/fishing, Fiscal ideology, Social ideology, Marijuana, Same-sex marriage, Mexican border wall, Military intervention, Minimum wage, Muslim ban, Obamacare, Online gaming, Partisanship (included), Public transit, Redistricting, Ridesharing regulation, Ridesharing user, Right-to-work, School vouchers, School funding, Tea Party favorability, Tobacco tax, Transgender bathroom use, Unions (included), Pence approval, Social media use (included), Ticket splitting, Tax reform, Trump approval (included), Trump business/family concern, Trump Russia concern, TV viewership. If interested in accessing these scores for an additional charge, contact VoterHub so we can add them to your account.

Canvassing, texting and phone banking mobile app


Our fully integrated partner for paperless canvassing, texting and phone banking is TenMoreVotes. This intuitive, lightweight app pulls your segments created in the VoterHub and sends back all canvass responses (either 1-5 or +, -, 0). On the texting and phonebanking modules, TenMoreVotes tracks who has been contacted and who has not been reached. TenMoreVotes is an additional charge for standard VoterHub users but comes included in any VoterHub Platinum packages.